To provide youngsters with an opportunity to learn basketball and develop their skills in a recreational and/or competitive travel environment.

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GBA Rec Refund Policy

The GBA will provide a refund of the registration fee paid upon request for the GBA Recreation program only (not GBA Travel). Refund requests can be made through applicable league commissioners or sent to Treasurer (see instructions). 

All requests must be made prior to the earlier of applicable league assessment date (to be distributed in future) or December 1st. The amount refunded will be reduced by $20 for processing costs. Please allow up to 3 weeks to process the refund.

Refunds will be honored after December 1st /applicable league assessment date on an exception basis (i.e. - documented medical issues or player making high school basketball team will be acceptable reasons). 

GBA Rec Refund Procedure
1. Complete the Form - all data fields below      
2. Email to Chris Traillor or mail to GBA Treasurer c/o Trailor , S Glastonbury CT 06073
Request Form            
Name of Player      
Grade of player      
Name of Parent      
Mailing Address      
Telephone #      
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Date of request            
Reason for Refund      
How many players in family registered GBA Rec Division?  
Did the player make High School basketball team?